Russian Dating: How to Win a Russian Woman’s Heart

Women’s mind is perceived by most men as complicated. For years, they have been trying to figure out what women want. Women’s minds have their own logic, perception of life and their own understanding of men-women relationships, all of which are somehow or are entirely different from that of men’s. This complexity varies from woman to woman. While most men know a bit or maybe a lot about women from their own country, Russian women can be puzzling and mysterious for them.

Women from Russia are undeniably gorgeous and stunning. It is no wonder that men from different parts of the world try to pursue them. If you are among these men, here’s a checklist for you to successfully win a Russian woman’s heart:

Court her like a real man

Russian people are very particular with adhering and paying homage to their traditions. Part of which is the customary dating practice of courtship. This enduring tradition of the Russian dating scene is considered to be the most crucial part of winning a Russian woman’s heart.

Unlike in most Western countries where most relationships are merely founded on mutual understanding and short-time flings, Russian culture on the other hand discourages such decadence. From a very young age, women in Russia value their dignity and femininity.

Be a real gentleman

Chivalrous and gentlemanly gestures can sweep any girl off her feet. And Russian women are certainly not an exemption. These ladies are true romantics who embrace their sweet and feminine tendencies.

Simple gestures like holding the door open, carrying her bags or pulling the chair at the dining table will never go unnoticed and unappreciated with the women of Russia.

Make her laugh

There is no quicker way to a woman’s heart than by making her laugh. Your wit and sense of humor will definitely play to your advantage when trying to impress Russian women.

For them, a great sense of humor is what makes an ordinary guy stand out. However, you ought to be cautious. These ladies like meaningful jokes and are turned off by vulgar comments. It is important to note that the Russian humor is mostly based on irony, hence you have to know the difference between serious and sarcasm.

Demonstrate loyalty

The importance of tradition for Russian women is very evident in the way they perceive dating responsibly. Rarely will you hear Russian women getting involved in third parties or extramarital affairs. These women do not only preach but also practice the value of loyalty and faithfulness.

As a result, they hold their man to the same standard as they do to themselves. You ought to show her that you are capable of reciprocating her loyalty and faithfulness, not just in words, but most importantly in your actions.

There are plenty of variables that affect a man’s chances of winning a woman’s heart. Some could only wish that there’s a comprehensive manual on how to make women from certain cultural and ethnic backgrounds fall in love with them. But regardless of its complexities, employing these 4 tips we laid out for you will certainly favor your odds of winning a Russian woman’s heart.

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